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Choosing the Right Chain Harrow

All the trailed chain harrows and mounted harrows we sell are top quality harrows with 13mm heavy duty tines, with a 3-way pulling action and are manufactured in the UK.


Chain Harrow Help and Advice

The details on this page aim to help you choose the right trailed chain harrow or a mounted chain harrow for both your current and future harrowing needs.

We will explain why we use 13mm heavy duty tines on all our harrows, the thinking behind our harrow mats, the mat sizes and how the same mats can be used on both our trailed and mounted harrows, the differences between our Semi-Professional and Professional harrows as well as our easy chain harrow upgrade options.

If you need any additional help or advice or would like to speak to someone, please don't hesitate to call us on 01458 850 084 and we will be more than happy to help you.


Heavy duty 13mm tines on all chain harrows with 3-way pulling action


13mm Heavy Duty Tines

All our harrows have heavy duty 13mm diameter tines with a length of 90mm. We feel anything less is not heavy enough to make an impression on the land.

Our heavy duty tines are manufactured from a 13mm diameter round bar rather than a more common and weaker 10mm / 11mm diameter tine.

All our chain harrows come with heavy duty 13mm tines

Heavy duty strength 13mm tines


We only use larger 13mm diameter tines as this results in an increase of almost 40% in the cross sectional area and adds valuable additional weight during harrowing.

The additional weight, thickness and the heavy duty strength of our 13mm tines is what maximises performance meaning that the harrowing job can be achieved quickly and efficiently saving time, fuel and also wear and tear.

Thinner tines of 10mm / 11mm will not penetrate the ground as well as our heavier 13mm tines


3-way Pulling Action

All our harrows also have a three way pulling action and this means you can choose the best harrowing option - passive, aggressive or upside down - to suit your ground conditions.


13mm Tine Action
Tine options available on all chain harrows
Direction of Pull
← = Passive
→ = Aggressive

1. With the tines facing backwards allowing 'passive' harrowing - reversing the mat gives less ground penetration and a smoother action.

2. With the chain harrow tines facing forwards, this allows 'aggressive' harrowing - vigorous, deeper ground penetration ideal for harder ground.

3. Turn the chain harrow mat upside down to allow smooth harrowing - ideal for re-seeding.



Semi-Professional (4ft deep) and Professional (8ft deep) Chain Harrows

We sell the best 4ft - 20ft wide trailed chain harrows and mounted harrows in 2 depths, either 4ft deep (Semi-Professional) or 8ft deep (Professional).

Both our Semi-Professional and Professional trailed / towed and mounted chain harrows have heavy duty 13mm diameter tines.


Chain Harrow Mats

4ft wide and 6ft wide chain harrows comprise of standard, single 4ft and 6ft wide, 4ft deep mats.

Chain harrows with widths of 8ft - 20ft are available in multiples of 4ft and 6ft wide, 4ft deep mats. This means the chain harrow mats are extremely versatile, easy to upgrade at a later date, easier to handle and easier to attach to the heavy duty draw bar.

If you prefer a complete single mat of 8ft and over or specific multiple widths please just let us know.

E.g. A 12ft wide Semi Professional, 4ft depth chain harrow will be supplied in 3 x 4ft wide mats, if you prefer 2 x 6ft wide mats or 1 x 12ft wide mat, please indicate when ordering.

Please note that the same mats can be used on either the trailed / towed chain harrows or our mounted harrows.


Upgrade from a Semi-Professional to a Professional Chain Harrow

Our Semi-Professional 4ft depth chain harrows are fully upgradable to a Professional 8ft (2x4ft) double depth chain harrow.

You can upgrade by simply buying an extra mat or mats (starting from £145.00). This means you can upgrade your original purchase without having to completely replace it.


Semi-Professional and Professional mat options


Heavy Duty Draw Bars

We supply heavy duty draw bars, 60mm diameter by 5mm thickness. Other manufacturers often use 40mm x 3mm draw bars. We feel our heavier draw bars improve your harrowing experience especially for example when levelling molehills. The extra weight also keeps the mat on the ground and reduces any 'bounce'.


Your Towing Vehicle

See our advice on your chain harrow towing vehicle.


Trailed Chain Harrows or Mounted Harrows?

Trailed chain harrows can be towed behind any vehicle with a pin or ball hitch.

Semi-Professional 4ft Single Depth Trailed Chain Harrow - 4ft wide

Semi-Professional 4ft depth trailed chain harrow - 4ft wide

TProfessional 8ft (2x4ft) Double Depth Trailed Chain Harrow - 8ft wide

Professional 8ft double depth trailed chain harrow - 8ft wide

Trailed pin hitch chain harrows for sale, manufactured in the UK

Pin Hitch

Trailed ball hitch chain harrows for sale

Ball Hitch


Mounted chain harrows can only be used in conjunction with tractors with hydraulic 3 point linkage.

Made in the UK, mounted chain harrows

Mounted chain harrows

Folding mounted chain harrows for sale, chian harrows with folding sides

Mounted harrows with folding sides

Heavy duty field chain harrow sales, reverable chain harrows

Our mounted chain harrows have a reversable A frame allowing passive or aggressive towing options

Mounted chain harrows for sale from Paul Helps Chain Harrows

Mounted harrows from Paul Helps with detachable, reverable 'A' frame to easily tow and harrow in the opposite direction


The main advantage of mounted chain harrows is the ability to lift the harrow for road transportation. With larger frames harrowing land is faster and the folding sides allow access through narrow gateways etc. The hydraulic lift also allows complete ground coverage reversing into corners.

As a guide we would recommend the following:

Ride-on mowers - 4ft wide Semi-Professional 4ft depth chain harrows

Quad Bikes 250cc upwards - 4-6ft wide Semi Professional 4ft depth chain harrows, larger quad bikes could possible tow a Professional 8ft double depth chain harrow

Compact Tractors ( and larger - 4ft wide Semi-Professional 4ft depth chain harrows

4x4 vehicles e.g. Landrover - 6ft, 8ft and 10ft wide Semi-Professional 4ft depth or Professional 8ft double depth chain harrows


We recommend and sell only the best chain harrows for your needs

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require help and advice in choosing the most suitable size harrow for your grassed areas. Phone anytime on 01458 850 084 or email


Remember the chain harrow tine weight, we use 13mm heavy duty times

Remember the Chain Harrow Tine Weight

Other suppliers can sell cheaper chain harrows but you will get thinner and/or less tines so you may want to check the weight before you make a decision. The weight of the chain harrow determines the performance, heavier tines will last longer.

All our chain harrows are manufactured in the UK and have 13mm heavy duty tines.

Chain harrows manufactured in the UK


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Which chain harrow is best for your fields and paddocks?

If you are not sure if you need a mounted chain harrow or a trailed harrow please call us on 01458 850 084, we will be happy to help and answer any questions you may have.