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Free 5 year chain harrow warranty

Here at Chain we have used our many years of experience to give you a comprehensive guide to choosing the correct chain harrow for your needs. We pride ourselves on our products and customer service, using our extensive knowledge to give you the best possible advice.

Remember to choose a chain harrow that is the width of the towing vehicle or wider to ensure wheel marks are removed. We offer two types of chain harrow, fixed or 3-way pulling action in two different lengths - 5ft deep Semi-Professional or 10ft deep Professional. All our chain harrows are supplied with a heavy duty drawbar as standard and are manufactured in the UK from 13mm steel. Please scroll down for additional details or select and buy your chain harrow if you know the dimensions you require.

The weight, size and type of chain harrow determines the performance; 13mm tines and a heavy-duty drawbar will ensure your harrow lasts for many years. We offer a 5-year warranty as standard on all our trailed harrows. Other suppliers offer cheaper chain harrows but you may get thinner and/or less tines so you might want to check the weight before you make a decision.

Free 5 year warranty on chain harrows from Paul Helps


Each chain harrow (either 5ft deep or 10ft deep) allows mat combinations of up to 12ft wide. Ensure your harrow is wider than your towing vehicle to keep a safe distance from the edge of your area and to remove tyre marks. Please visit our Towing Vehicles page for a general guide as to which harrows we would recommend for various vehicle types.


Heavy duty chain harrow drawbar

Choose from a fixed tine chain harrow or a 3-way tine chain harrow.


Fixed tine chain harrows

Fixed tine mats feature a one-way pulling action. This low cost harrow - from just £152.00 - uses an aggressive action and will achieve good results.


Choose from a semi-professional 5ft deep chain harrow mat or a professional 10ft deep chain harrow mat.


5ft deep single chain harrow mat supplied with a heavy duty drawbar.

Fixed tines or 3-way pulling action tines (image below shows 13mm 3-way tines).

Semi professional 3-way tine chain harrow mat
  • For vehicles with lower horse power e.g. ride-on mowers
  • Cost effective - can upgrade later
  • 5ft deep mats are easy to handle and store

Buy fixed tine Semi-Professional 5ft deep chain harrows online.

Buy 3-way tine Semi-Professional 5ft deep chain harrows online.



Chain harrowing generally starts in the spring and follows through to Autumn. and the land is usually rolled afterwards.

For more information on paddock and field rollers, please see our dedicated roller website:

  • Pasture renovation by scarifying and aeration
  • Breaking up and levelling heavy soil
  • Stimulates growth by aerating and loosening thatch
  • Excellent for ripping out moss and old grass/thatch
  • Levelling mole hills and poached gateways
  • Breaks up clods and crusting in cultivated ground
  • Root aeration for better water infiltration and growth


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require help and advice in choosing the most suitable size harrow for your grassed areas. Phone us on 01458 850 084 or email