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3 year chain harrow warranty

We include a free 3 year extended warranty with our chain harrows.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A list of popular frequently asked questions and our answers are shown below, if you have any further questions or would like some chain harrow advice please call us on 01278 555 222.


Q. What happens after you have placed your order?

A. We use takepayments to process our online payments. After you have placed your order you will receive a proof of payment from takepayments and we will send a receipted invoice to confirm the order. Harrows are despatched once or twice a week, depending on order numbers, on a next day delivery service with DX Freight and are usually delivered within 3 - 5 working days of placing your order.


Q. Why should I buy a harrow from you?

A. We feel that our years of experience enables us to give you the best possible advice and we only sell harrows that we fully endorse. At Paddock Equipment we strive to give you honest advice and will not try to sell you anything if we don't feel it would benefit you. We hold a large stock of harrows and pride ourselves on our fast, free delivery. If you need it even sooner we may be able to offer next day delivery, but please call us first for up-to-date charges. We like to be as transparent as possible and have used accurate pictures to show you exactly what you will receive and to assist you in choosing the right products. Please do call us if you need any advice or would like to offer any suggestions.


Q. What is harrowing?

A. There are many , but essentially we would say harrowing is the same as raking, obtaining professional results due to the heavy-duty tines.


Q. When is the best time to use my chain harrow?

A. You can use your chain harrow virtually all year round as long as the ground is dry. Avoid using if the temperature gets too low and the ground becomes frosty.


Q. How often should I use it?

A. On average, most people would try to harrow at least 2-3 times a year. However, we would recommend monthly or, if you can spare the time, weekly harrowing to achieve the most effective results. You should always try to harrow in different directions if possible.


Q. Can my horse pull a harrow?

A. Yes, you can. Harrows were originally designed to be pulled by horses but I would go for a Semi-Professional harrow first to see how your horse gets on, upgrading to Professional if suitable. I always love to see horses pulling a harrow – any photos would be greatly appreciated!  I took a call one day that went like this: “Ere, do you sell harrows that can be pulled by a horse? Yes, ah, great, he makes the mess, he can bloody well sort it out!”


Q. How fast should I go?

A. Ideally, between 5 - 6mph, the same as a horse. Originally chain harrows were made to be towed behind a horse and this is the correct speed to achieve the best results.


Q. Can I use my car to tow a chain harrow?

A. Yes, depending on the towing capacity of your vehicle and if your tyres give you enough traction.


Q. How wide should my chain harrow be for my towing vehicle?

A. We always recommend that a harrow should be at least the width of your towing vehicle or wider. This enables the harrow to cover any tracks made by the towing vehicle.


Q. Can my chain harrow be stored outside?

A. Yes, they are made of solid metal so will be fine if left outside. If you leave it in a field, please locate it somewhere safe so livestock cannot hurt themselves.


Q. Do I need weights?

A. We only sell heavy-duty chain harrows and are confident they are heavy enough to achieve good results without weights. We have never been asked for them so do not hold any stock, but we could get them upon request.


Q. What width harrow should I purchase for my 4x4?

A. Minimum of 6ft Semi-Professional - 8ft Professional. Tip… by going wider than your towing vehicle you are able to view the harrow in your side mirrors plus get closer to hedgerows without damaging/scratching your vehicle.


Q. Which chain harrow should I buy to tow behind both a 4x4 vehicle and ride-on mower?

A. Ideally, I would buy an 8ft Semi or Professional which will come complete with an 8ft drawbar and separate 4ft wide by 5ft deep mats.  This will enable you to make an 8ft wide by either 5ft or 10ft deep mat to go behind the 4x4 vehicle. If you also purchased a 4ft drawbar you would be able to tow a 4ft wide by 5ft deep (Semi-Professional) mat behind your ride-on mower, or if powerful enough, a 4ft wide by 10ft deep (Professional) mat.


Q. Are the measurements provided exact?

A. All weights and measurements are approximate. The drawbar is designed to be slightly narrower than the mat.



If you have any more questions or need some harrowing advice, please call us on 01278 555 222, we will be happy to hear from you.