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3 year chain harrow warranty
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FREE delivery to most areas of the UK*

Free chain harrow delivery - UK mainland

Please call us on 01278 555 222 for Scottish Highlands and European delivery options or for chain harrow advice.

*Free delivery applies to trailed paddock harrows only (not the mounted harrow range).
Supplement applies to Highlands and Islands and may apply to some areas of Scotland, Wales, Devon and Cornwall


3 year chain harrow warranty

We include a free 3 year extended warranty with our chain harrows.

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27th July 2024

How To Link Chain Harrow Mats

Our chain harrow mats can be linked together to create different sized harrows to suit your land and your towing vehicle.

We recommend that you choose a chain harrow size that is at least the width of the vehicle you intend to use to tow your harrow. If you change your vehicle or have more grass to harrow in the future, you could choose a Semi-Professional chain harrow (which has a 5ft deep mat) to start with then upgrade to a Professional chain harrow (with a 10ft deep mat) as needed simply by adding extra mats.


mats or mats with standard or are available in various widths to allow chain harrow combinations up to 12ft wide.


All 3-way mats are supplied with extra secure pigtail hooks as standard.


Linking chain harrow mats - not secure


We DO NOT recommend joining mats hook to hook.

Linking chain harrow mats hook to ring


Chain harrow mats can be joined very quickly and easily by simply hooking them together.

The hook to ring method is the quick way of attaching mats.

Linking chain harrow mats double hook method


For a more secure connection use the double hook method. Note the 'pigtail' is facing outwards on both sides.


Call us on 01278 555 222 if you need any chain harrow help or advice regarding linking chain harrow mats together.